Paint Your Kitchen Countertops – An Easy Upgrade

Need a tomfoolery, speedy update that will thoroughly change the vibe of your kitchen? Paint your kitchen ledges!

Truth be told, paint directly over your drained and appalling cover kitchen ledges. It’s somewhat simple. It simply requires investment and tolerance. This is my second chance to paint my ledges and I have partaken all the while and particularly the outcomes.

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What you should Paint Your Kitchen Countertops

• Groundwork – Kilz Low Odor

• Paint – The tones not entirely set in stone by the look you need. I utilized a sum of 6 tones.

• Sparkle

• Sealer – Polyurethane or Acrylic (I’m not persuaded that Polyurethane is the most ideal choice)

• Paint brushes, little paint roller

• Paint Tape

• Plastic staple sacks

Variety Selection

I’ve for practically forever needed a pink kitchen. At Granite countertops the point when I was a young lady, my mother had a companion (Eloise Else) who had a pink kitchen. I thought the pink kitchen was the most entrancing thing I’d at any point seen. I realized then that I needed to have a pink kitchen.

Painting my ledges pink is the initial step into the change!

The motivation for my kitchen were 3 window boxes that I bought from Ikea in Kansas City. In view of these tones, I bought this paint at Lowes.

Notwithstanding the 3 tones that I bought at Lowes, I utilized 3 other paint colors that I had at home:

• Blue/Green

• Silver

• Profound Purple

Stage 1 – Preparation

Tape the regions around your ledges. Remember the region around your sink and backsplash! Clean your ledges well and sand down any harsh spots on the current overlay.

Stage 2 – Primer

Apply an introduction on your ledges. I utilized Kilz Low Oder. Since my ledges had been recently painted, I put on 2 layers of Kilz. I utilized a brush however could have done without the outcomes. In this way, I changed to a little roller to apply the paint. I enjoyed the roller better – went on simpler and smoother.